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“Throughout this book you will wonder if Marcia is an anointed angel with a sprinkle of omniscient powers guiding us through life’s ups and downs. This book took me back twenty years ago when Marcia, unknowingly at the time, became my Mentor and Friend. Marcia figuratively grabs you by the hand, whispering in your ear “confidence,” “faith” and “life changes.” Just remember Marcia will do the A B C; it’s up to you to complete D through Z”
- YG, Sex Crimes Legal Advocate II, coaching client
“Marcia is not only a great author, she is a business connection! Her expertise makes her an effective guide…Marcia was my Career Adviser while at college. I didn’t know how to conduct a job search or what my skills even were! Marcia was able to point me in creative directions. Now, I am successful, happy and fulfilled and, thanks to Marcia,..I absolutely LOVE what I do. Marcia was able to instill in me a sense of pride and empowerment. This helped me to She has a memory for details and follows through in whatever way she can. She is a fun and funny coach and gifted author, too. She’ll go the extra mile. Anything Marcia does is full of a passion for others’ growth and success. She treats you with respect and opens your mind to new ideas. Marcia is a wonderful, well-read woman whose wisdom is shown by her many ideas! I got my start with Marcia and so should you!”
- JD, Entrepreneur, National Dance Council of America Board, and former coaching client
“Marcia Merrill is a wonderful mentor! Her gentle, quiet spirit combined with her direct approach to coaching has been instrumental to the growth of my business. I recently attended one of Marcia’s workshops “Dealing With Difficult People” and found it be very powerful. I highly recommend Marcia Merrill, The Transition Chick!”
A.S., former client & Healthcare Consultant in own firm
“Marcia came into my life as I prepared to send my second child to college and was starting my own business. Talk about Transitions! Got her ebook and it has inspired meto re-evaluate what steps I need to take in order to celebrate and truly enjoy the journey. I did. Marcia is one of the most energetic and motivating people I know. I feel my life has been blessed & changed through knowing & working with her.”
G.H. Virtual Assistant Entrepreneur
“Marcia was instrumental in helping me transition to a new career. I look forward to continuing to tap into Marcia’s experience & talent to assist me in developing a fulfilling career path.”
D.H. Project Manager, MBA
“Marcia’s sense of who I am and the unusual talents I have to offer was right on. She is gifted and intuitive and the assessments she recommended, were very valuable. She opened eyes to creative ways in which I could apply my education, skills, and talents to a new career path. Marcia’s big message was that my unusual composite of experience, talents gifts and personality made it difficult for me to find a job with good reason: I am an unusual person looking at “usual” jobs! Together, we began thinking “outside of the box”. Marcia is full of resources in networking, personal assessment & employment resources.”
J.S. Scientist-Musician/Entrepreneur
“I found working with Marcia to be an enjoyable and beneficial experience- so much so that I referred a friend of mine to her! It is obvious that Marcia enjoys helping people find answers to their career development questions, always remaining flexible and supportive of her clients.”
Management Consultant, MBA
“When I first met Marcia, I was a freshman in college, and I walked into her office with the idea that I would walk out with a list of employers who would hire me for an internship. The world, unfortunately, is never that easy, and Marcia made me take one step at a time. I had 3 years to be eligible! First, Marcia suggested I examine myself before I tackled the world of employers. She suggested that I take a Myers-Briggs interest test, which I initially thought would be a waste of my time. However, when I got the results back, I was tickled to learn about how my interests and personality type supported my field of study. Second, Marcia made me aware of all her resources and capabilities as my career counselor. She gave me information on how to write a resume that will attract a potential employer’s attention. Not only that, she familiarized me with the importance of networking and even provided me with names of people I could add to my network. One of the most important things about Marcia is that she is friendly and makes you feel at ease when you come to her with questions. I know she is always keeping me in mind when she hears of an opportunity, and I know she is pleased when I tell her about the ways I’ve been successful in the job market. She has a lot of information to guide you with your career search – all you need to have is the initiative to use it.”
J.M. Engineer
"Marcia Merrill is a dynamic speaker! She is inspirational, encouraging and a GREAT Transitional Coach! Going through my own personal transition has been a struggle for me, but my time spent with Marcia has made a BIG difference in my life. Thank you Marcia for just being YOU!"
Lorraine E. Peters, Founder of LE Transportation Service, LLC
"Working with Marcia proved to be stimulating intellectually. She has a base of questions that provoke thoughts in a linear fashion you would otherwise perhaps not connect. Answering Marcia’s questions brought forth personal accountability. It was refreshing for me to be so genuine with my intentions for the future. I have held some resistance, just feeling stuck, but some revelations were unfolded and I have more confidence to move forward in my writing and my business. I was holding onto some fears. Marcia gave me confidence and took out some of the mysteries to setting and achieving my goals. We set intentions in a positive and motivational way. Thank you!"
L. K. Nutritionist/Food Coach

Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!

By Marcia Merrill

Available for $14.95 at 3steptransitioncycle.com