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Contact me for a free 45 minute discovery session on how to live your life with passion & purpose

Midlife Transition Coaching

I am a career and life coach specializing in the art of transitions.

When you hit the mid-point in your life, you begin to wonder if the way you are living is the BEST way you could be living. Entering Midlife is a transition just like changing jobs, becoming a parent, or starting a relationship. I’m going to personally show you how to transition into midlife in a transformative way.

We all have personal challenges. Midlife often comes with a feeling that the best part of your life is over. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and focus too heavily on, career problems, and other challenges. The pre-occupation can take attention away from your own self-care. Juggling everyone’s needs and forgetting your own, could lead to health issues, frequent headaches, poor diet and NO Self-care!

I’m here to tell you that you’re in the perfect place to create a truly enjoyable and powerful way of life for yourself, your career, and/or your business.

It’s never too late to make amazing changes in your life. The trick is having the courage to change, and knowing how.

I can help with a variety of personal improvement strategies including:

Many people know what they don’t want, but they’re not sure what they actually DO want. I’ll guide you through a process to get past all the distractions and other “stuff” and create a life-work balance that works for you. I’ll get you unstuck, we’ll talk about the best and worst-case scenarios, and give you the information you need to move from “point a” to “point b”.

Feel free to send me a message about what your coaching needs are, and I'll tailor the right plan for you!

Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!

By Marcia Merrill

Available for $14.95 at 3steptransitioncycle.com