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Contact me for a free 45 minute discovery session on how to live your life with passion & purpose

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Do you feel stuck?
Career and/or Business going nowhere fast?
Feeling stressed, anxious and confused?

If any or all of the questions sound familiar, you're in exactly the right place you need to be! Let me be your guide along the path to a richer, more fulfilling life, full of clarity and calm. Together we can get you "unstuck" and cut through the confusion!

Get "unstuck," de-stress & get rid of those negative feelings that hold you back

Propel yourself into positive action to find a career/job/lifestyle that fits!

Learn about your strengths & transferable skills to see yourself doing something that feeds your passion

Increase your "Transition IQ"

Clarify what changes are impacting your life

Create more balance and harmony between your personal & professional worlds

Turn muddle & confusion into momentum and clarity—so you have a direction (a roadmap) to achieve your dreams/goals

Gain insight into how your attitude impacts your life—positively or negatively—with the Law of Attraction

My 25+ years experience

...in the Career Development and Life Transitions fields have armed me with the tools to get to the root of what has you "stuck" and help you to bust through the overwhelm and move on! I'm also the Co-Author of the Best-selling book: "Inspiration to Realization".

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I believe in life/work balance,

not work/life. I want to help you fall in love with your life and your work, in that order!

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feel free to send me a message about what your coaching needs are, and I'll tailor the right plan for you!


Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!

By Marcia Merrill

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